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We are the first company in Kentucky to offer an InstaPrint Station!

Kentucky Pro InstaPrint Station is the newest trend for events.
Everyone has a smart phone and everyone loves to take pictures with their phone! Why not capture all the photos that your guests take at your event? We can help you do that!!
You create a #hashtag for your event, let all your guests know what the hashtag is, and when they take photos using the #hashtag, we gather them for you and we can print them on the spot for you!!! Instagram and twitter pictures can be printed with the filters and the tag lines!

If you are interested in being one of the first in Kentucky to have all your guests photos from your event, contact us soon!!!



I will start this review with “YES! I would hire them again and I would tell my friends to do the same!” I married my partner and friend of 13 years, Jason, on May 30, 2015. We were in a bit of a rush on the wedding plans due to a short time frame. We got our venue in January of 2015 purely by luck (someone had just moved their wedding earlier). The next big thing was to find a DJ. We were told by our florist to contact Kentucky Pro DJ and talk to Jason Henninger. Jason was a delight to work with and listened to each and every one of our needs and the short notice didn’t faze him! We decided on TJ as our DJ / MC for the evening. I sent my song selections and the day’s itinerary to Jason H. and he forwarded the information on to TJ. Our venue was only available the day of the wedding so we didn’t have a walk through the day before but we set one up 2 hours before – we had a dress rehearsal! TJ and his assistant John took everything in stride, accommodated the outdoor ceremony, the indoor reception and indoor dancing! I was apprehensive because we only walked through everything two times before everyone arrived. I had an officiant that needed a microphone and duet singers. The entire evening was perfect! TJ and John were the best! We didn’t have one issue and it felt like it was rehearsed for weeks. We are so pleased with the service and attention to detail! Thank you TJ, John, Jason H. and Kentucky Pro DJ!!